At Bloom Coffee Roasters, it’s safe to say that we take great pleasure in extraordinary experiences. And yet, it is in the little details of those experiences that we feel the most fulfilled. We love to be fully present, to immerse ourselves in our surroundings, and to be acutely aware of what we are doing. That is part of the beauty of a seemingly simple cup of coffee. When you indulge in a cup of coffee, you ignite all five senses. You see the bloom as the coffee brews, your ears are filled with anticipation as you hear it fill your mug, your hands are warmed by the touch of the warm mug, you smell the rich aroma, and finally, you taste the decadent layers of flavor. This full experience is what attracted us to coffee in the first place. But it wasn’t until after we spent time exploring the world of coffee through brewing, that we fell in love.

Being a coffee roaster is one of the most fulfilling  experiences in the world. Just as musicians create connections with audiences through the tunes of their hearts, coffee roasting gives us the opportunity to connect with customers through the flavor of their souls.

Standing at the roaster for hours on end, it’s our goal to achieve the best flavor, best smells, and in the end, the best experience in every cup. That ideal level of sweetness, the perfect body, the nuances, and the aftertaste—all play a significant role in the day of the person experiencing the cup. It doesn’t all start in the roasting process—most of it actually starts on the farm where the beans are grown—but it’s our job to make sure you’re experiencing the greatest cup possible. We achieve that level of greatness with careful attention to every detail. We stand next to the roaster all day, pulling out tiny samples at different stages of the roast,  smelling the beans deeply, looking for the smallest signs of perfect. We repeat this process until we are certain we have reached the perfect roast.While we are enthusiasts about the experience of roasting, we are more concerned about each individual bean. After all, the beans are what make the cup, and the cup makes the experience.  

Drinking coffee should be one of the most pleasurable experiences of your day. From grinding your beans to your preferred brewing method, the experience should start your day on the right foot. And of course, every sip, from your first to your last, should satisfy you to the core.  It is with that purpose in mind that we invite each of you to ask questions or share your favorite coffee stories with us.

Know Your Beans. Know Your Cup. Know Your Roaster.