Colombia Huila, El Tabor Finca Los Arboles
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Colombia Huila, El Tabor Finca Los Arboles

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The Story

2017 Best Cup Award Winner

There's nothing quite like waking up to an open window on a crisp, cool sun-kissed morning. Let's just say a coffee like this one is best paired with mornings just like this. Roll out of bed and start your day with this bright and vibrant offering from the highlands of the Huila region.

Julio Alberto Muñoz inherited this farm in 1989 and introduced the Caturra variety to the already planted Colombia and Bourbon and dedicated the farm to producing exceptional coffee. We're very glad he did, as this is one of the most intensely sweet, fruity and complex coffee we've roasted from this region in Colombia.

  • Region:  Huila

  • Farm: El Tabor

  • Elevation: 1850 Meters Above Sea Level

  • Varietal: Castillo, Bourbon, Caturra

  • Processing Method: Washed

  • Flavor Description: Big Green Grape and Sugared Lemon Flavor, with Rich Sweetness, Tart & Fruity Acidity, and a Heavy Creamy Mouthfeel

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