Soul Revival Breakfast Blend
Bloom Coffee Roasters

Soul Revival Breakfast Blend

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The Soul Revival Breakfast Blend is one that doesn't involve too much thinking, but is more or less intended to be felt. Think of it like a quiet Sunday morning, your eggs and bacon sizzle in the background and the gentle tones of your favorite morning playlist ease you into awareness. This breakfast blend contains mild tones that allow you to wake up slow and take in mid-morning hours.

This blend contains citrus notes of lemon and lime without being too overwhelming. A simple apple tartness is perfectly balanced by earthy spices to create a taste that is smooth and delightful.

We think all Breakfast Blends work best in a French Press. The French Press is easy to clean and doesn't involve a lot of attention to brewing detail. Wake up, throw some of our Soul Revival Breakfast Blend in your French Press, pour the water and wait 4 minutes and 30 seconds. All that's left to do is enjoy.



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